hey guise…

i think i’m going to let this blog go…i haven’t posted in a month or so. i’m not going to delete the blog because who knows…maybe one day i’ll come back to it…but i honestly don’t see that happening :(

i still get on my personal blog though…i would love it if you guys followed me on there so i can follow back because i love all of you!!


thanks for sticking around guys,you’re the best!!!! XOXO

reminder that your favorite celebrity probably masturbates


can you imagine if I order a pizza from pizza hut, dominos, and papa johns and told them to be at my house by a certain time and they all came at the same time do you know how awkward that would be

#I’m here to talk to you about the Pizza Initiative

#the only thing that would make it worse is if you opened the door while eating digiorno